Freshmen thinking about rushing should register through the TCU Interfraternity Council website here. You will be asks to submit your involvement and academic performance, as well as answer questions about yourself. All this gives us an idea of who you are! This also allows chapters to get your contact information to invite you to come to events in-person and meet our actives and rush team.

Getting Started


Why "Rush FIJI?"

Young men interested in joining the fraternity typically do so in their freshman or sophomore years at TCU, though older students have been allowed to join as transfer students or initiated members from other universities. The process begins by registering with the Inter-fraternity Council, the link to which is found below. There are two periods of recruitment during which FIJI gives "bids" to Potential New Members--Fall and Spring Rush. While most members will join during the Fall Rush, our chapter has historically had healthy spring classes as well. During these recruitment periods, rushees will be invited to events that allow them to interact with the active members and learn about our organization. 

What sets FIJI apart from other fraternities on campus is the diversity of our membership. We have members from all over the United States, and we recruit from across the country in the spirit of a true national fraternity. We do not look for thirty of the same man; instead, we have a wide range of backgrounds and personalities. Generally, our pledge classes are of a limited size so that each member gets to know the others from his class on a true, personal level. 

The Rush Process